correcting golden retriever dog behavior

correcting golden retriever dog behaviorDecoding your Golden Retriever’s behavior helps you with understanding your dog better. A dog’s behavior would serve as their primary language when it comes to communicating with humans.
Taking care of a dog has a lot of similarities with taking care of a toddler. By being able to identify developing a better relationship, helping you understand your pet better and most of all, may help you decode signs that will prevent you from further dangers.

Build a better relationship with your dog by communicating and working to understand the meaning and causes to some of the most common dog behaviors.

Here are some common dog behaviors and what they mean:


Barking is the primary means of communication among the canine breeds. How dogs bark, how they sound and how they act when doing so can help you understand what they mean.
It is in their nature that dogs bark when they need something, when they sense someone or when they need to notify you of someone approaching. This is also a way of raising the alarm at the first sign of danger.


A dog sweats through the pads of their feet and when they pant most of their body heat is expelled through the mouth. This is a reason they paint. They are expelling body temperature, so it’s best to keep them hydrated regularly.
As humans pant in a way during cardiovascular or respiratory exhaustion, panting is also a dog’s way of coping with pain.
It is important to pay attention to their panting as this may be symptoms of underlying conditions. Consult your veterinarian when painting becomes increased or when you feel that it is no longer normal.

Dog Chewing

A puppy will want to chew on toys or other objects to relieve the pain of a new set of teeth coming in just like a growing child. In a full grown dog, it is exhibiting signs of separation anxiety or anxiety in general.
This may also be a playful behavior for some dogs, but this should be taken with caution as much as possible.


It is written deep in a dog’s DNA that digging is their instinctual activity. In the wild, dogs (or other similar creatures) in natural packs will dig to unearth food such as small rodents or to hide food. It also gives them shelter from the heat when they dig in the cool earth.

Jumping up

While a dog is jumping up or placing their paws on your shoulders seem a playful behavior or a greeting, it is also a sign that your dog I trying to assert dominance over you. This is common among larger dog types like that of a Golden Retriever. This behavior should be taken with caution. It is advised that owners should not reinforce the said behavior by showing affection.

Dog Behavior Separation Anxiety Problem

Long before man started domesticating wild animals, golden retrievers like among other dogs live and travel in packs. It is natural that they feel anxious when separated from their pack – mates. Taking him for a walk then leaving him in relax mode will calm her anxiety before you leave them alone in the house.
If your dog’s behavior bothers you, or if it comes to the point that it becomes aggressive or damaging –seek a dog trainer’s help or your veterinarian to address your concerns.
There are still many behaviors to pets, and they may vary from one to another. The best way to understand your dog is to develop a relationship with them. It works both ways, as your dog is also getting hints and understands you from your actions and behavior too.

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