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Humans are not only the ones who have a place in police departments. Dogs, too, play a significant role in search and rescue, drug operation, bomb inspections, and so on. Different dog breeds can be trained as police dogs, and one of these are Labrador Retrievers.

These dogs are an iconic sight in the world of working and service dogs. They are also known for being loyal to their masters and can be a good companion. Labrador Retrievers originated in the nineteenth century as hunting, working, and sporting dog. They are a solid dog bred that are extremely trainable and intelligent. They are also a problem solver and quick witted. Such qualities make these dogs the best police dogs.

The Roles of Labrador Retrievers As Police Dogs

police dog labrador retrieverLabrador Retrievers are important members of the armed forces and police departments. With their incredible smell, they can easily track anything they’re asked to, making them a perfect police dog to detect tiny traces of some explosive materials. They are also regarded members of their teams because of saving thousands of lives of civilians, policemen, and soldiers.

  • Drug Detection

Labrador Retrievers do not just use their noses to support the armed forces, but also to policemen. They play the leading roles when it comes to drug detection in the Western World. They patrol borders at the airports as well as ferry terminals, which prevent dangerous and illegal materials from being brought in the country.  

drug detection dog labrador retriever
MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (Nov. 9, 2010) Chief Master-at-Arms Nick Estrada, left, a U.S. Navy military working dog handler from Orange, Calif., gives a visual cue to a Uruguayan coast guard dog handler and his drug sniffing dog during a three-week training course coordinated by the Maritime Civil Affairs and Security Training Command (MCAST). MCAST delivers teams of highly skilled Sailors to share expertise with partner nations to strengthen international relationships. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Peter D. Lawlor/Released)
  • Metal Detection

There are also some Labrador Retrievers that are trained to detect every kind of medical emergencies and health issues from alerting the owners to impending seizure to detect low blood sugar, and tumors from those who are suffering from cancer.

  • Search and Rescue

Labrador Retrievers can do search rescue. They also offer a lifeline of hope to detect living humans that are trapped beneath piles of debris or rubble. In other countries, Labrador Retrievers are also used regularly to search for missing people.

  • Working Labrador Retrievers

The supreme ability of these dogs is to serve as a working retriever in a shooting field. This is the original purpose of every Labrador Retriever. This is the role in which these dogs excel.

There are other roles of Labrador Retrievers as police dogs. Their duties and responsibilities may vary in every police department in the world. If you have Labrador Retrievers puppies and want to train them as police dogs, you should provide them with proper training. The training for police dogs is different and may require most of your time.

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