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Many people don’t like the idea of owning an older dog because they think that these aren’t trainable and would just cause them more inconvenience in the long run. However, not all adult dogs are the same, and there are older dogs that can still be trained. If you are willing to take a chance of adopting an older dog, considering a Flat-Coated Retriever can be a good option.

No dog is too old for puppy love, and an old Flat Coated Retriever deserves it. Some of the reasons why adopting a senior dog can be a good idea are as follows:

No Need for Housebreaking

The bladder of an older Flat Coated Retriever is already developed, and you don’t need to teach him the steps to housebreak. You can also get to know him physically by holding him for a few hours. In several cases, if an adult dog needs to housebreak, it’s much easier, and you can teach him some new tricks.

friendly flat coated retriever
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Older  Flat Coated Retrievers Are Well-Behaved

Flat Coated Retriever puppies are very cute and adorable, yet they can also be a machine of destruction. An older dog is already trained and often well-behaved. They also have recognizable personality traits so that you will be able to choose the one that’s right for your kids.  Older Flat Coated Retrievers are not also demanding compared to puppies.

flat coated retriever house breaking made easy
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You Will Know the Personality of Older Flat Coated Retriever

With an old Flat Coated Retriever, you will easily know about his character because what you see is what you get. His personality is also developed, and you can quickly spot the characteristics you are looking for easier than Flat Coated Retriever puppies.

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Get an Instant Friend for Life

Ask anyone who has adopted a senior Flat Coated Retriever, and they will swear their bond with their dog is as deep as they come. Once you open your home and heart to an older dog that needs help, he will show his appreciation for the rest of his life.

Save a Life

Once you adopt an older Flat Coated Retriever, you’re doing a good deed. You have to remember that not people like the idea of adopting an old dog and it would be a great thing if you will make a difference by taking care of an old Flat Coated Retriever that wants to experience love and happiness like puppies do.

An old Flat Coated Retriever also deserves the love you give to puppies. Adopt one today and save a life!

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