The flat coated retriever is popularly known as a gamekeeper’s dog. According to experts, this breed originated in England during its mid-19th century. They believe this type to have descended from the extinct St. John’s water dog, which remains to be unverified.

Like the other retriever breeds, flat coated or “Flattie” is a large dog that is famed for sport and as a companion pet. Flatties have excellent stamina however, they can be slow to mature – one thing you should take into account when training them. If you are the type that likes to be outdoors, this breed would be an excellent companion.


  • Relatively large in size
  • Has extremely high exercise needs
  • Very easy to train
  • Moderately sheds
  • Adequate grooming needs
  • Friendly towards children
  • Remarkably intelligent

Positive Temperament

In a nutshell, a flat coated retriever is an active, multi-talented breed that shows a sweet yet confident disposition towards people. This awesome retriever type also make an exceptional family pet that are good to children. What’s amazing about flat coated retrievers is they are smart and quick to learn. Their optimistic attitude helps a lot in their short interval training sessions. Though they easily get bored with repetition, their determination to please their owners balances that cognition.

Athletic Appearance

Flat coated retrievers are lean, energetic, and athletic in appearance. Their lovely dense coats gives a natural sheen, which makes them even more attractive. Many flat coated retrieve breed info that you read online says a lot about their “strong jaw and perfect scissor bite”. This is actually true, since Flatties have a defined chest and nice strong legs. Their muscular stance adds grace and poise, making them win several competitions. The two accepted colors of Flatties are black and liver.

Keeping a Flat Coated Retriever at Home

Like what we mentioned earlier, a flat coated retriever is highly intelligent. This means that they could pick up instructions in a jiffy. Keeping one at home means having a reliable companion pet that you can train to help you in several tasks at home. Moreover, Flatties are sensitive dogs and are highly intuitive. If you want to get to their good side, avoid harsh training methods. It is also vital to learn how to relate with your dog. Spend time to create that bond, which the two of you could nurture.

Whether you are an experienced dog owner or not, it is crucial to give the best care for your buddy. Be sure to provide your Flattie enough activity and grooming. Flat coated retrievers have medium to long coats, that’s why you need to take time to brush them daily to prevent matting. Additionally, you need to pay attention to their ears and underbellies.

You can maintain their excellent shape so long as you take them to yearly checks and annual boosters. Nevertheless, if you notice something off about your Flattie, do not hesitate to bring him or her to the vet. This will ensure their good health and perhaps, extend their life span.