Do you consider owning a golden retriever? Of course, they are wonderful, but they aren’t appropriate for every family. You have to consider some of their features such as the size, the need to exercise, the health, and grooming.  It is important that you know their needs and wants. It is much better to be ready before accepting them, so you know too if they are the right breed for you. Having them is such a rewarding experience, with no doubt expect them to hook you for life!

If you own a Golden, then you know how smart they are. They are one of the most beloved dogs and one of the top-pick pets for homeowners. They seldom bark when compared with the other breeds but extremely easy to train.

Getting to Know The List of Ten Dogs With Brains

You will know if your dog is one of the smartest dog breeds if they are quick in understanding a new command. Train them, and you’ll see how smart they are.

See if your dog belongs to these list of top 10 smartest dogs:

1. Border collie – is known to be the most clever dog because of their ability to follow new commands, not above 5 seconds. They obey at least 95% of the time. This is because they are obedient and workaholic. Their extraordinary instinct and working ability excel, they can work for hours doing the task assigned to them. If you feel a need to watch over your house is necessary, this kind of breed is great to be a guardian. Any intruder who comes to the house they will bark and alert the owners, a sign of their protective instinct.

border collie

2) Poodle – is famous for their intelligence. This kind of breed is most popular in retrieving things from water. They are like a “thinking dog” who learns quickly and responds enthusiastically to pieces of training. They are not aggressive, yet their attitude depends on the behavior or approach of the people.

poodle cute photos

3. German Shepherd – comes from Germany. They are best known for being lively, alert, curious, intelligent, disciplined and loyal. These qualities made them a favorite police partner, or better referred to as a police dog. If you have kids around you, this kind of breed is perfect for them. They do their best to perform the task assigned to them.

german shepherd photo

4. Golden retriever – is recognized for their being loyal and friendly. Use them for hunting, field trials and guiding blinds, expect them they’ll do good on it. This adorable dog needs a regular brushing as part of its grooming. Moreover, they are healthy too. If you are a first-time dog owner, this breed is right to adopt. They run all day tirelessly. They can retrieve things from land to water making them known as one of the good swimmers.golden retriever photo

5. Doberman Pinscher – this kind of breed is good to watch over your house. They are in demand as a police or war dog. Their speed, stamina, and intelligence made them excels among the other dogs. They are relatively active and very protective. They tend to act fearlessly toward any attacker.

doberman pinscher breed

6. Shetland Sheepdog – is not contented by sitting all day long. They are attentive and responsive. Sensitivity is one their distinctive features. Avoid jerking them around, or else you will experience their defensive mechanism style. They are smart because of their ability to follow commands with less than 5 repetitions. Training is easy then. What’s not to love about them? Except for their active barking, though.

shetland sheepdog breed

7. Labrador Retriever – this breed excels in guiding people. With proper training, they are very disciplined and easy-going. Versatility is one of their characteristics, such as hunting, search & rescue service, and therapy dog. Smart, fun-loving, and helpful are some of the reasons why they are popular. They are often used for gun sportsmen, rightfully earned them a title as “gun dog”.

labrador retriever breed

8. Papillon – is always associated with a toy breed. But unknown to many, they are not the best choice. They are lively and playful. They cannot stay a longer time for sitting only. Especially when they are young, they love to play around and making their own games. It’s easy to identify them because of their butterfly-look ears. Often, this kind of dog breed is featured as masterpieces in paintings. They are one of the brightest dog breeds making them a top-notch pick for sports competition.

papillon dog breed

9. Bloodhound – they are known for tracking missing people, prisoners, or even lost animals. Their ability to follow scents hours or even days old for miles makes them unique. This large breed could be stubborn at times and has a high strength so better not to treat them rough. Since they do not mature fast, patience and firmness are needed when you decide to adopt them. But be reminded, Bloodhound dog is not ideal for the first-time dog owner.

bloodhound dog breed

10. Rottweiler – this kind of dog breed is not for everybody. They need a serious understanding of their traits and abilities. They are loving and friendly, very protective in nature but could be ferocious too. Their characteristics are confidence, fearless, and steadfastness, making them useful for police work, herding, and guide service. So, if you have decided to adopt one like them do your homework first.rottweiler dog breed

Dog as Man’s Most Favorite Pet

Do you find the qualities of these dogs amazing? Human loves them because of their ability to become your next best friend. You can count on them plus it is pretty sure they will not betray you. Well, it goes to those who have a story of betrayals with human and compare it to dogs you can relate here.

Whether you have a golden, Labrador Retriever or another breed of dogs, they failed not to make us smile for no reason. One sure thing we can agree always, there’s no other kind of animals as friendly as dogs.

Now we know dogs are smart creatures, talented and sensitive to our emotions. They are a good cheerer. Right or wrong, they’ll never there to judge you. They stand at your side at all circumstances. Through thick and thin, you know what’s sound always excites you. Woof!

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  • Goldens are not a healthy breed! Too much cancer takes them before their time and half will die from this disease. I’ve lost five to cancer and all were from different lines except for a mom and son who both died from cardiac hemangiosarcoma but oncologists and cardiac vets said it was not hereditary, just a cruel coincidence. I have a golden presently enrolled in the Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Seth, Hero #2614 is one of 3000 goldens, called heroes, enrolled in this largest ever groundbreaking veterinarian study. He is 3.5 yrs old and had this third yearly physical last Monday complete with a 12-hour fast (to goldens, not eating for 12 hours is unheard of! 🙂 ) It is with much hope that we find out why our goldens are dying so much to cancer and the study will also look at other major diseases, such as hypothyroidism. This study will help all dogs and, us, too! While the study is closed as the 3000th golden has been registered, you can possibly participate in upcoming studies. This page is for ALL dogs, purebred and mixed. Check out this page

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