why neuter a golden retriever

Many dog owners are interested to get their dogs neutered but some are hesitant to spend more. Let’s define why neutering is advisable before knowing the price.

Why Neuter The Dogs

Neutering is beneficial to both parties (owner and dogs). The main and common reason is to help the community minimize the dog’s population.

Others say, adopting a dog is like using a cocaine. As income is rising, the more they are confident to buy more pet dogs. There are also some decides to produce them for a new toy. To the developed countries, dog shows, pet boarding, and other pampering activities are inciting for dog owners.

In the end, the population of dogs are rapidly rising and the sense of responsibility is affected.

Spaying is a way of taking out the uterus and ovaries of a female dog. There are other options of removing the private parts of dogs:

  1.  Hysterectomy-these prevents female dogs to produce puppies. Ovaries are intact-hormones are still present but fallopian tubes and uterus are removed.
  2.  Ovariectomy – uterus is untouched but the ovary is removed.
  3. Vasectomy – this is for male dogs. Testes are still intact but the vas deferens is removed.

The Benefits of Neutering

Neutering the dog is a responsible dog care. Helping the overpopulation problem is not the only reason, it’s a way to save dog’s lives as well.

  • To eliminate the urine odor and to reduce the incidence of urine spraying.
  • To get rid the development of testicular cancer.
  • Male dogs will not keep on roaming to find female dogs since their hormonal urge has been removed. If Dogs will stop the roaming, it will keep them safe from road accidents, get into the fight, or go to missing.
  • Neutered dogs will no more get sexually frustrated. If they become frustrated, they will find a way to escape.
  • Dogs don’t get neutered at most times show aggression towards the other dogs.
  • Neutered female dogs lessen the risk to get a breast cancer. Infection of the womb is common especially to older and unneutered ones, and it is deadly.
  • To save money. Yes, you will spend for surgery but it’s cost is worth for the dog’s lifetime health condition.

Photo Credits: Portage Animal Welfare Society

The Cost of Neutering

Basically, the neutering of dog’s depends on the weight of the dog and the clinic where it will happen. The veterinarian’s professional fee and and the place are factors of costs variations.

If you go to private clinics and you want the operation much safe and better, you can spend here from $200 to $300. These are the  clinics with complete staff, veterinarians are very much known for this field, and they have reliable equipment. High-end animal hospitals are also expected to charge this range of cost. However, be it known that large weight of dogs costs higher.

To get an affordable neutering of dog, go to low-cost clinic or Humane Society Organizations of your place . You can have them with a price ranging from $ 45 to $135 for neutering a male dog.

Below are the extra costs that you will shoulder:

  • For fat and sexually excited dogs, you will pay an amount of $25.
  • If pregnant, removing the sex organ plays around $50 to $125.
  • To ensure the proper working condition of your dog’s kidney and liver, the veterinarian may offer to have a pre-anesthesia blood work and you need to add a cost of $40.
  • About $10 to $30 are for pain medication.
  • The Testicular implants run around  $94 to $919, depending on the model and size.

How Neutering Will Help You?

If a female dog gets pregnant in unwanted time, you have the responsibility to take care her and the off springs. If it is your plan to get her pregnant, it only means you are ready to look after her during the pregnancy period. But here’s a quick question, how ready are you to feed and spend the costs if your dog will litter more than 5 puppies?

When unneautered male dogs sees a female dog, they will try hard to break down doors or fences just to reach the prospective mate. This is a troubling case because of the tendency to get them lost when they escaped.

When To Neuter A Dog?

Removal of the  testes,  epididymes, uterus, and ovaries is usually done between the age of 6 and 9 months old. Few years ago, the surgery is exercised until the dog hits the puberty age, and this is about 6 months old. Today, male dogs are sometimes good to neuter after the age of 8 weeks. However, it is best to consult the veterinarian what’s best for your dog.

How Safe Is Neutering The Golden Retriever?

Photo Credits: yourpurebredpuppy


Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs worldwide. During the year 1998, a research study and a health survey is conducted by the known group of Golden Retriever’s organizers. There are complete lists of questionnaires sent to club members via emails, and the results are posted on  www.grca.org. As a result, they have found out that about 25 to 30 percent of dogs shows a major behavioral change after the surgery. The age of neutering plays a little significant part to the behavioral change. There are different cases and comprehensions raised by the participants but Hartung, a veterinarian, knows they need more infos. “More discussions are needed to come up an efficient and reliable study.”


Getting your dog undergo neuter is not easy for the dog owners. It is understandable and natural that you get nervous for your dog. Safety and good health is all we want for them. As they say, careful consideration of the breed, lifestyle, age, and the physical ability of the dog is important before getting the decision to undergo surgery.


If you have seen the importance of neutering to your beloved golden or other breed, it is absolutely possible to have them without ruining the budget. There are many options-you can find them at the shelters, veterinarians, and clubs. You may seek help too to Humane Society of the United States.

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