7 tips on taking care of golden retriever

7 tips on taking care of golden retrieverA Labrador Retriever is one of the friendliest of dogs. They give you unparalleled companionship, loyalty and friendship in a lifetime. And your dog should expect you to provide him with his basic needs such as food, shelter, water, veterinary care, training, etc. Then you are assured of a lasting relationship.

Here are 7 simple tips to make your dog safe, healthy and happy under your care:

1. Give your Dog an Identifier

A situation may arise that your dog may lose its way, and it is always helpful to have identifiers that help your or anyone be able to identify your pet.

There can be three types of identification for your pets, Natural External or Internal.

Natural Identifications are physical qualities that help you distinguish your dog from other similar ones immediately. It can be its eye color, a scar, a patch of fur that’s different in color and much more.

External Identification can also be referred as accessories, a common one of which is a collar with an I. D. tag that includes your name, address and phone number. This will greatly increase the chance that your dog will be returned home safely. A collar should not be tight; two fingers should slip under it to make sure it is not choking your dog.

go tags pet id dog tags

Internal identifiers are special kinds of identifiers and have only been in conception thanks to technology. They take in the form of Microchip identification. This can be very optional and are available only in select countries. (Go tags pet id dog tags, custom engraved. See it on amazon)

Microchip I.Ds will make sure that your dog will be returned when lost even if his collar came off. Have your veterinarian insert this chip to your dog.

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2. Local laws for Licensing and Vaccination for Rabies Should be Followed
labrador retriever vaccination

Upon owning a pet, always prioritize its vaccination and standard health needs that can be provided by the government. Vaccination for rabies is of utmost importance. This could affect your dog, you members of the family or anyone in an incident that your dog gets bitten by another dog, or if your dog bites a human being.

Information on how to obtain vaccination for your pet is available from dog clubs or at appropriate local government agencies or animal clinics.
In the event that your dog gets bitten by another animal, or bites a human being, always seek professional care immediately. Ask for referral from friends when choosing a veterinarian.

3. A natural Balanced Diet and Constant Access to Fresh Water is a MUST for your Dog

labrador retriever food diet

Consult a veterinarian for the dietary requirements of your dog as they get older. It is important on what and how often to feed your dog. Be aware of foods and plants that are toxic. Make sure to have your dog’s teeth cleaned and regularly monitored as this is a factor in his eating habit.

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When it comes to buying pre-packaged foods for your dog, check the labelling closely. Look for seals indicating that the food has been prepared to meet the standards of a recognized animal care organization.

4. Avail your Dog of a Training Class

If you have the time and patience to, you can always train your dog on your own. But if you wish to save time and effort but still be able to understand and care for your dog – hiring a dog trainer is never a bad option.

Dog training will allow you to control the behavior of your dog positively. It will strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

5. Exercise your Dog to Keep Him Physically Fit

Having regular physical activities keep humans healthy, and this does the same with animals too.

It is advisable that dogs should at least have between 30 minutes to two hours of physical activities every day. This will also depend on the dog’s age, breed size and overall health. Dogs that belong to the hunting, herding or working breeds, like that of a Labrador Retriever, will need the most exercise.
There are many fun ways that you can exercise your dogs both indoors and outdoors. Existing fixtures in your home may be used as obstacle courses such as stairs and fences.

Playing and walking with your dog gives sufficient exercise as some owners found out. It improves the sense of well-being of your dog as you spend time with him. Plus, you get to exercise and relax too.

6. Grooming

It may not be recommended to keep your dog perfectly clean at all times, it is but proper to bathe them at least on a weekly basis.

Grooming not only pertains to simply giving your dog a bath, it also means brushing their teeth, cleaning their ears and clipping their toe-nails. A regular fur trim can be healthy for your dog, especially the long haired ones as long hairs accumulate more dirt and dust.

Regular grooming of dogs helps you monitor any abnormalities that may assist you with addressing your dog’s health concerns.

Services and shops that offer pet grooming packages and accessories have been booming from all over; this may be due to the rise of social media where you can instantly share photos of your pets to your network or pet lovers all over the world. These speciality shops can give over-the-top grooming services that do no harm to your pets.

7. Share Companionship with your Dog

labrador retriever companion


There is a reason as to why dogs are called a man’s best friend. Dogs function better when in the regular company of their masters. This is why dogs should spend most of its time with their pack (this means you and your family) not alone outside or left for extended period of time. Dogs crave for companionship.

Treat your dogs like how you would treat humans, play with them, talk to them, take care of them, let them know they are loved. A dog’s loyalty to its owner is one of the greatest blessings of owning a pet, a simple TLC wouldn’t hurt to return the favor.

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