golden cocker retriever

If you have a Golden Cocker Retriever or you have plans to add them to your family soon, there will always be concerns that come with this addition. If this is the first time you will have a pet at home, you are probably searching for ways to prevent damages from taking place and ensuring that your pet supplies remain organized and safely out of the way.

golden cocker retriever

For the benefit of you and your Golden Cocker Retriever puppies, here are guidelines you have to keep in mind:

1. The kitchen is one of the areas at home most frequented by pets. Your dog needs to eat every day so food should be kept in convenient locations and safely out of your pet’s reach.

2. Get a good shoe organizer and put this under the bed or near the door. This will not only keep your shoe collection properly organized and off the floor for at the same time, it will also prevent your dog from turning them into a chewing toy.

3. Remove or seal off small crawl spaces in rooms to prevent your dog from getting trapped. Golden Cocker Retriever puppies can be very curious and end up crawling into these small spaces and find it difficult to get out. If you are not at home most of the time, your pet might be trapped behind a couch or chair. Avoid these problems by getting rid of small spaces and pushing furniture pieces up against walls.

4. Dog treats for your Golden Cocker Retriever sitting around in half empty boxes can become an eyesore in your beautifully decorated living space. To eliminate the clutter of boxes, get a small glass jar or cookie jar where you can put the dog treats. Just make sure that other members of the family know that the jar’s content is not for human consumption.

5. The backyard is your home’s extension so see to it that it is also pet-friendly. If you often let your Golden Cocker Retriever puppies out the yard, you can consider a fence. While a leash is possible, letting your dog run freely is something that both you and your pet will love. With a fence put in place, you will have the peace of mind knowing that he or she will not run off and enjoy the freedom to the fullest.

6. Have a bottle of pet odor remover handy. Accidents can happen and if you need to clean up after your Golden Cocker Retriever puppies, you want to make sure that no odor will be left behind.

golden cocker retriever puppy

A Golden Cocker Retriever is a joy to have but with ownership comes great responsibility. Make sure that you follow these important tips for you and your pet’s benefit.

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