maintaining a carpet clean with dogs

Maintaining a carpet clean while my golden retriever is around is challenging for me as a dog owner. I cannot deny that accidents are bound to happen not only once or twice but many times. From the golden’s chewing habit to urinating on the carpet, I agree it is not easy to maintain the cleanliness. After years of experience and a thorough study made, I came to the point of having great confidence on how to handle my golden retriever. Let me give you some tips and I suggest to put some effort and make it a habit.

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7  Tips for keeping carpet clean while dogs are around:

1) Keep the Dog Clean

Ensure the cleanliness of your dog by brushing them daily. Especially when they came from the outside before they step inside the door, clean their paws always. You can keep a towel near the door intended for the dog use only. Make it a habit of wiping them first before entering inside. If you do this every time they out, they’ll learn that they cannot go in if you have not yet wipe off their paws.

A regular brushing for pet grooming creates a bond between you and your dog. Usually, they love you are touching them. Daily brushing cuts down the hair that falls down around your home. It also helps to eliminate the dead skin. Notice doing this every time you are done with it, your pet looks healthier and smells better.

2) Floor Tile at entryway

Installing a floor tile for outsiders near the doorway is ideal to avoid them taking part in your great carpets. Dogs can have the place to spend the shaking off their mud, grass, and other dirt. This will lessen your effort in taking care the stains.  

3) Clean the Carpets

Vacuuming is necessary for a house with carpet. Either you have or do not have a pet, it is a must to always vacuum it. With dogs around, do the vacuum cleaning once or twice in a week. But it you have more than one dog inside the house, help yourself to save time by keeping them away from the carpeted rooms.

Cleaning the Stains and Odors

If your dog caused a mess with your carpet, clean it right away. Use a pet sprayer or create a natural one to get off the dirt. If you’ll ask me where to buy the eliminating odor sprayer/solution, try the Amazon. They have a wide range variety of offered products useful in cleaning the carpet.

It is advised to look for a Green Certified Cleaning Solution approved by The Carpet and Rug Institute. Consider if your dog and other pet’s health will not be at risk before using it to your carpet.

If you find it hard to look for non-toxic cleaning products, try the baking soda as a natural way of cleaning method. Baking soda is known for best in cleaning any household materials. Just sprinkle it on the carpet and wait for a couple of hours to allow the absorption process. Vacuum afterwards and notice the difference of smell and look. Another method is to use the vinegar. Make a solution of it and spray it onto the air for beating pet odors.

Reminders in Removing Stains

  • Do not panic or acting impulsively. Stay calm when you see not necessary dog’s mess on the carpet. Frustrated homeowners often try to scrub the carpet immediately and repeatedly. This could result in a lasting damage.
  • Attentive to pH value of the cleaner product. If your carpet is new, you do not ever want to damage it. So do your best in checking out how 100% you are sure it is safe for fibers and colors. Test it out for a very small portion of your carpet and wait if there are changes or fading made after few minutes.
  • Avoid spraying not suitable perfumes, fresheners or scents. Do not deal the pet odors by spraying any kind of fresheners to neutralize the smell. Spraying it directly to the stain is not effective because there are specific products that are made not for pet stains. Choose a product with enzymatic deodorizers.

If you are still not confident in cleaning the carpet, better call for professional cleaners who can assist you right away. There are plenty of cleaning carpet companies expert in carpet cleaning treatment.

Removing Pet Hairs from the Carpet

A beautiful and new carpet doesn’t deserve dog’s mess and hairs. And if you found hairs at the surface, it is not a good sight. You can start the cleaning process by vacuuming the carpet. There are modern vacuums specially designed for this kind of treatment. However, if you do not have it you can try by spraying or using a sponge to run along the carpet. Just avoid not to over-wet the carpet. Once dried, use the vacuum until all the hairs are removed.

4) Choose wisely the color of your carpet

The darker color of carpets is difficult in finding stains and fallen hairs. Light shades are best in recognizing unnecessary dirt so to maintain the cleanliness.

5) Toilet Training

Train your pets the proper way of urinating. Training them is like training a child not to pee or soil anywhere. At most times, dogs tend to mark a particular spot or territory for urination and excessing a soil. If this will happen, it’s difficult to control them. So it always best to teach them to do the pee and poop outside the house before ending up playing with their mess.

6) Monitor Dog’s Food

Train your dog to eat away from the carpet. Provide him a specific area to  give him an instinct where he can only stay for eating. If your dog is showing an unusual behavior and keeps on dropping the food to the carpet, fighting is the least thing to do. If your dog is using a metal bowl, try to replace it with a plastic one. He might have an issue with the noise. If he still does it, find a new more confined place to eat. If you have more than one dog, feed them at the separate area to allow privacy and to avoid competition.

7.) Controlling Your Dog Eating the Carpet

If your dog comes to the point of eating your carpet, do not fret. Try giving your dog a new pet to chew. If it’s a young puppy, possibly he is teething. Another thing, he is might bored. Accommodate your dog by playing with him sometimes. Aside from the joy it brings, it will create you both a healthy relationship. Sweet!


My dog is fun, intelligent and active. I learned that all he need is food, water, exercise, and love. He may come to the point of being destructive but my passion for guiding and caring him had changed him way better. I am sharing this because I believe all we want is for the good of our pet and home.

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